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Our mission is to elevate your time and enjoyment on the sea or in the sky. We provide service that raise expectations, is professional, competent, and detailed. We set and continually review our procedures and products to achieve the highest level of environmental responsibility and satisfaction by our customers.

Keeping your aircraft or marine vessel clean is labor intensive. And today, with increased concerns about safety, security, environment and liability, you need to ensure that anyone who gets near your craft is properly trained, authorized and equipped.

Sea & Sky Eco Detailing is trained, certified, incorporated and insured.

Our services now include 24/7 monitoring and security. Monitoring with physical walk throughs as well as onboard camera, sensors and cellular up-dates.

Your investment will be treated with respect and care. Our focus on communication and service is highlighted by our clients ability to view before and after photos of detailing work completed, as well as documented issues of concern, all within a couple of hours. This is just one example of our dedication to enhance our clients experience.

“Looks great!”
“Killed it on this detail!”
“Appreciate the report, it is really valuable to us”
“Thank you for good job”
“Thank you for addressing our boat right away”
“We want you, your the best!”

We love being outside and enjoying all that Vancouver Island has to offer! We are a North Saanich company, who take pride in our community and keeping it beautiful for generations to come. We have client parking at the Victoria Flying Club, as well, our mobile unit can come to you at home, tarmac, hanger, or marina.

For more information on our services in detailing, products, sealant and monitoring, please see our menu on our website.

Yours in recreation,
Leslie and Graden
owners of Sea & Sky Eco Detailing Ltd.


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